Concrete Rodeo Tour - GUIDELINES: 

As we have grown since 2003, it is becoming more important to outline the operating procedures and guidelines for the Concrete Rodeo Tour. Check here to find all the details and specifics about scoring, event operations, timing, registration procedures, etc. The Concrete Rodeo Tour organizers believe strongly in the freedom of expression in skateboarding, we have no desire to create some outline that alters your ability to skate as you feel. We do need to create an environment that allows each of you to express this freedom in your own unique way... Thus, these guidelines will only provide the highway, you can drive in any direction you want!

The Basics:

1) Concrete Rodeo Age Groups: 3-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-18, 19-26, 27+ - Ladies and Men. All ages are determined based upon a riders age as of 06/30/2012.

2) Format: All riders will take 2 one minute runs**. The order in which the riders will take their run is determined by random. Riders DO NOT ride in groups according to their age class. The highest score of the two runs counts as the winning run of the day for the purpose of age group results (NOTE: If the design of a skatepark demands that two different areas be used then it is possible that all riders will ride one section then ride the other and the results will be the combine of the two areas). The top 8 Ladies and top 16 Men then advance to the Jousting Finals. The Jousting Finals is a head to head format with two riders dropping into the park at the same time for a one minute run, the best rider will advance to the next round. The Jousting Final is a single elimination bracket format. The Jousting Finals will determine the Overall Best Concrete Rodeo Rider of the Day. **=Concrete Rodeo Event Representatives may determine to reduce the runs to 45 seconds each based upon the amount of the entered riders. This decision will only be made after 60 or more riders have entered. If there are developments outside the control of CRT Reps like weather, then the goal of the CRT event is to provide each entry a minimum of 2 scored runs, these runs will be used to determine both Age Group and Overall results for the day. If only 1 run or a partial run is able to be produced the CRT will refund all entry fees collected to the entered riders.

3) Protective Gear: All riders must wear the minimum of a Helmet during all Concrete Rodeo Tour competition runs, including the Jousting. The Concrete Rodeo Tour and its event representatives may also additionally enforce any park, local or state laws that demand riders to wear protection in addition to the minimum of a helmet. No Rider will be allowed to begin their run until all mandatory protection gear is on properly. If a rider refuses to wear such gear then he/she will not be entitled to take their run, nor will he/she be entitled to any kind of refund for such behavior. THE CONCRETE RODEO TOUR RECOMMENDS TO ALL RIDERS THAT PROTECTIVE GEAR SHOULD BE WORN DURING ALL TIMES WHEN A RIDER IS SKATEBOARDING.

4) Event Registration: Cost to enter a Concrete Rodeo event is $25(CASH)/event location(park). All riders must fill out the event registration form and include the proper name, address, phone and email and sign the Concrete Rodeo Release Form. Riders that are of the ages of 3 to 17 years old, must also have properly filled out the Concrete Rodeo Tour Release Form and have this form signed by a parent or legal guardian in order to enter the event.

Judging of the Concrete Rodeo Tour:

1) # of Judges 2,3,4 or 5.

2) All Judges will come from the local region or area - or - will be pro-based judges. It is the CRT goal to have local judges supplied by local skate shops at all events. It is possible that in some areas there will be no judges or not enough judges available, at this stage then a member of the CRT staff may judge.<br \>

3) All Concrete Rodeo Tour events will be judged under the same format and criteria.

4) Judging Criteria: Concrete Rodeo Tour events are all considered to be "ALL PARK" events. Riders will be judged on their overall riding performance. The Concrete Rodeo Tour considers there to be 3 types of riding - Street, Vert and Transitional - the Concrete Rodeo Tour rewards those riders that can successfully blend a run in 2 or more of the 3 categories with personal style, a variety of tricks and flow. All runs are scored on a 100 point scale - 0 to 10 Points for each Creativity and Style - 0 to 20 Points for Difficulty - 0 to 20 Points for Execution - 0 to 40 for Overall Performance. There will be a 5 point deduction in score for each time a rider falls completely or is forced to chase their board. CRT Staff reserves the right to ask for judges to review their scores anytime there is a point spread of >20 points between the low score and the high score. If a judge refuses to adjust based upon this recommendation by staff, than CRT staff reserves the right to adjust the perceived "out-of-line" score to the established range allowance of 20 points. JOUSTING FORMAT - Will consist of a minimum of 3 judges which will each cast a vote for the rider that they feel is better in a comparison method of the two jousting riders, the general outlines of the CRT Judging Criteria will be used. The CRT staff may ask a rider that was the first rider not to make the finals to be a "tie-breaking" judge, this rider shall only be used if there is indecision in the Judges. Results from the jousting will stand based upon this vote. The CRT understands fully that the design of some skateparks make it very difficult to compare riders of different styles. All riders should understand that this difficultly may exsist and the CRT staff and its judges will make their best efforts to pick the best rider and use the general judging criteria to determine this.

5) Tie Breaking in Jousting Finals - If there is deadlock between the judges then it is possible that the judges may request a best trick to break the tie. The Highest Seeded rider of the two riders will go first. This rider will perform any trick of their choice. The other rider can than attempt to do the same trick and do it better, or choose a more difficult trick. All attempts must be successful. If the Highest Seeded rider is not successful on the trick they attempted the other rider must perform any trick of their choice and perform it successfully. If ties continue this process will be repeated until there is a winner for that pairing.<br \>

Typical Event Day:

7:00am - CRT Crew Arrives on Site

8:30am - 10:45am - Registration is Open.

11:00am - First Run Starts the event. We go straight through the whole process with minor rider breaks. There is about a 15 minute break between the "Best of 2" and the beginning of the "Jousting Finals." The time it takes to operate the full event is dependent upon the amount of entered riders in the event.

2011 Concrete Rodeo Tour - Points List:

1) The Goal of the Concrete Rodeo Tour Points List is to effectively rank each athlete that attends a Concrete Rodeo Tour ("CRT") event.

2) The Points List is designed to reward those riders that attend more than one CRT event. But all riders will receive points based upon how they finish in the Best of 2 Run portion of the event, in combination with the Jousting Finals. Riders will receive 100 points for a win and then the scale will work down until 30th position, which from there each rider will receive 1 point.

3) The CRT Points List will be updated after each event.

4) The CRT Points List will be calculated as a total of all events with no drops until the final event prior to the Grand Nationals. After this event the filter of the 5 best finishes will be applied and the list will be re-adjusted to reflect this filter.

5) The points for the finals will be 1.5 times that of a normal event.

6) The calculation of a riders final CRT Standing will be their pre Grand National Points + the Points they earn in the Grand Nationals.

7) The Lady and Man Rider at the end of the Grand National with the highest combined points of their regular tour events + their final points will be Grand Tour Champion.

NOTE: due to only 5 events in 2012 there is not a grand national or a total overall points category.